Enhancing Student Performance

      Education starts at home and continues when your child starts public education. As Parents there are many things you can do at home to help your child along a strong developmental path. Here are some helpful tips to give your child an advantage at home, which will transfer to the classroom.

         For Kindergarten Students     

Find items in your home to point out to your child letters of the alphabet, different colors of things, different shapes of furniture or in nature, and help them count how many of those items they see.  These are ways to prepare them before even starting public education and throughout their elementary and secondary education.

        Read, Read, Read        

Reading is one of the most important cognitive activity for children to learn. Take every opportunity you can to read with your child. Make the kitchen, living room, and their bedrooms, into “reading zones” and devote some time every day to reading short stories, homework, or anything that is particularly challenging for them.

          Make it Fun!        

Games are exceptional learning tools. Board games, card games, memory games and word games engage your child in learning essential problem solving skills, while ensuring they have fun! Showing them how much fun learning is, will make them more eager to learn.

     Embrace Technology     technology preparing students

Computers, tablets, and mobile devices have access to all sorts of educational resources to help your child learn in a collection of different ways. From games to writing to reading, and math problems, technology offers a number of different ways to immerse kids as they learn.  Technology is just another awesome tool at your fingertips to support your child's education.  Because there are so many different types of technology it can be overwhelming.  Keep in mind technology is native to kids, they were born into the technology era and usually they figure out ways to navigate around whatever device they have easier than some adults.  This is one way you can help each other in the learning process, so there is really no need to feel timid about using technology.  It can be scary to learn new things, but technology is here to stay and we want to give the best opportunity for your child's future by having them ready when entering school and when graduating school.

        Encouragement is Golden   

Remember to encourage your children through the learning process. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in helping to develop their minds to absorb information. Mistakes should not be cause for concern, instead look at it as learning opportunities and help your child realize where, and how, they can improve.

                  Count, Write, Read         

Practice, repetition, and routine help a young mind develop skills faster, and become more comfortable with the skills they already have. Set time aside to count with your children, let them write stories for you, and read them together. This little bit of effort can make a world of difference in the long run.